Who is School of Reform for?

School of Reform offers trainings, classes and activations for ages 5 and up. Our training’s are designed to empower the believer for everyday demonstrations of God’s love and power.

What is SOR?

School of Reform (S.O.R.) teach, lead and train people in the process of unlearning religion, with the purpose of relearning God.

We do this by hosting events (schools, retreats, conferences etc.) to reshape the biblical foundation of the believer to a Christ center focus.

What is Religion?

The type of religion we’re referring to are thoughts, teachings and practices that are biblical but not Christ centered. It’s ideologies that drive men and women away from God’s intended purpose revealed through Christ Jesus.

Our goal is to offer freedom to men and women who are being impacted by religion and transform them into disciples of Christ Jesus.

Faith and Community

We believe that education (including: music, sports, arts, and technology) is the foundational key for success within the business marketplace. It is the driving force that will excel our communities and future generations. S.O.R. offers STEM and enrichment courses, specialized trainings (in sports, music, and arts) and internship opportunities for students to enhance their skills and talents to excel within their respective fields and careers.